Ringtones Uncensored Pro ringtone & text tone creator for Talking Caller ID App Reviews

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A lot of choice .. but

This is the 1st custom tones app Ive tried. The idea is fun, with a simple interface, but I couldnt help thinking 1) The UI could be better 2) your still stuck with choices they offer (not truly custom) 3) not enough construction choices 4) Couldnt help thinking it should be free. Would give it more stars if u could truly construct more creative compositions, though its still not to bad.

Ding dong

Ever been sitting in a meeting, it goes ding dong and everybody grabs their iPhone? Not any more! Lots of great sounds and voices to keep any meeting interesting. Im not a great fan of having to download my new sounds from a web page but then again Im not making new sounds non stop, so I find that only a minor annoyance. All in all very good.


Awesome app. It does what it said it would do. I would love a way to combine the custom made ringtones with your own rings that I imported before this app came about. So that yhe speech would go off then your music

Ringtones uncensored


Ringtones amazing

Everyone that heres it loves it


This is a terrible app that does not work as advertised! A waste of money



Nothing special

Has a few voices, but needs your email for something. I didnt put it in because it seemed a bit fishy.

Totally fun!!

Lots of fun. Good and creative!

I like it!

It does what it says! Many voices, many sound effects. You type in what you want it to say...it says it.

Not again

Most of the sound effects all sound the same or are to fast to hear properly. The voices again are fast and they all sound like they were done by the same person with a really bad accent. Its an ok program if your looking for nothing special, but Im really not impresss.


Really good! Yet some more sounds & voices would make it greater

Woo hoo

Very cool little app!! :D


Not very user friendly

Very short sound effects

The sound effects are very short the longest I found was 4 seconds


Cool app but I dont like that I cant review the ringtone before hitting "create". Please update this app so u can.

Great app

This is a great app! It has provided me with tons of laughs and my own personalized ringtones.

This app is stupid

Waste of time and money...

Great ringtones

I have created ringtones for all my most common callers. It sure makes it easy to know when its your phone ringing, and not somebody elses.


Good to play with it.

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